Water on Mars!

So today marked a monumental announcement by NASA, they concluded in a very public press conference that there is liquid water flowing on Mars. This means a great deal to not only mainstream science and even more to us out on the fringe. Where there is water there is usually life even at a microbial level this is huge news for a planet once thought to be a barren wasteland. So after many pictures have been released from the rover that in some cases seem to show what could be described as statues and monuments, it begs the question was today’s announcement a planned and strategic way to slowly warm the general public to idea of life on other planets? It is not as far fetched as you would think, take for instance some of the pictures released by NASA that show what looks to the naked eye to be certain structures that do not look natural in contrast with the harsh looking Martian terrain with very little comment or explanation from NASA. And a confession recently from a current NASA employee stating that they have used photo manipulation to blend some of the more strange objects in these photos so they do not stand out as much. These facts and today’s news about flowing water makes you the wonder if this is a planned and gradual disclosure. Before I end this I would also like to point out the fact that to me in my somewhat strange thought pattern this week leading up to this announcement there were an awful lot of world and religious leaders here for aUN meeting that seemed to coincide with this news. I will leave it at that, until next time my friends stay weird.


Is MUFON necessary anymore?

Although I respect what MUFON tries to accomplish I cannot support there quest at all. My first problem and probably the biggest that I have it the type of cases that they choose to investigate, they choose to omit and flat out refuse to investigate cases that deal with issues of high strangeness or cases that may involve different types of paranormal phenomenon, such as the alarming number of Ufo cases that involve some type of Bigfoot sightings. This fact alone is very strange and deserves consideration and real research. This phenomenon it seems is all encompassing and needs to be investigated seriously, many MUFON groups refuse to touch cases that seem to suggest that this dilemma is much bigger than our little “green brothers” from outer space. The group is compromised in my opinion, it’s time to create a new group that chooses to investigate all the aspects of this phenomenon no matter what the answers poin to.

Why should I give a shit about the unexplained?

I find myself asking on a fairly regular basis as I do research into the iner workings of the paranormal WTF. Many would ask why should I care? And my answer for that is because it effects us all in one way or another. And tell me just who doesn’t love a mystery? I will pose some pretty radical ideas that will probably make me sound a bit crazy, and hell you could probably argue that fact, but bare with me and I ask that you consider my topics. Feedback will be much appreciated, so give my blog a read and tell me what you think.